Gotten a Data Breach Notice? We Can Help

If you have gotten a notice that your data has been breached, we can help. It’s important that you act quickly to control and reverse the damage. Our law firm can help sort through many of the legal issues that arise whenever you have been a victim in a data breach, like:

  • Wrongful debt collections (FDCPA)
  • Inaccurate credit reporting (FCRA)
  • Unauthorized Transfers of Bank Funds (EFTA)
  • Invasions of Privacy

You may have a right to sue both the source of the data breach, as well as the creditors who fail to fulfill their obligations to you as a a victim of that data breach.  Congress has gone to great lengths to provide consumers whose personal data has been breached with a set of legal rights, but you’re going to need an experienced lawyer to enforce those rights.  Call us today at (612) 379-8800 for help.


Five Steps for Victims of a Data Breach

  1. Save the Data Breach Notice.  This is important evidence in your case and will help determine what happened.
  2. Dispute False Information with Credit Bureaus. Obtain complete current copies of all three of your major credit reports from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Click here for instructions on getting these from Dispute any inaccurate information you find on these reports in writing or through the online system.  Take screen shots of the dispute you file.
  3. See if You Have Insurance Coverage. It’s important to check your renters, homeowners and/or AAA-type automotive insurance for identity theft coverage to see if you might have some coverage for your losses.  Download a full copy of those policies and save them for us to review. Many insurance policies have this sort of coverage today, so it’s worth a check.
  4. Get Credit Monitoring. We recommend Experian’s CompleteID service, available thru for about $8 a month.  It can be configured to monitor the Dark Web for your personal information and account numbers so that you know what’s at risk.  It also allows you to get your current FICO scores and provides a variety of other information.  There are lots of other options in this sector, but it’s important to get credit monitoring because the impacts of identity theft can last years.
  5. Call Our Law Firm. Call our law firm and let’s talk. We may be able to bring claims against any company that loses your personal information or allows it to be accessed without your permission, or any credit reporting agency that won’t fix your credit after you have disputed an inaccurate item.


DISCLAIMER. The information on this form is not legal advice and no attorney client relationship is created by completing it. That relationship will only be formed after we have both signed a written retainer agreement. We may associate with other law firms to provide you with legal services. By completing this form, you expressly consent to sharing your information with those firms and their staffs to contact you directly.

Breach Help: Tips for Consumers

You get a letter from a company, a government agency, a university, a hospital or other organization. The letter says your personal information may have been involved in a data breach. Or maybe you learn about a breach from a news report or company web site. Either way, a breach notice does not mean that you are a victim of identity theft or other harm, but you could be at risk. The breach notice should tell you what specific types of personal information were involved. It may also tell you what the organization is doing in response. There are steps you can take to protect yourself. What to do depends on the type of personal information involved in the breach. Note that credit monitoring, which is often offered by breached companies, alerts you after someone has applied for or opened new credit in your name. Credit monitoring can be helpful in the case of a Social Security number breach. It does not alert you to fraudulent activity on your existing credit or debit card account.

Credit or Debit Card Number

The breach notice should tell you when and where the breach occurred. If you used your credit or debit card at the location during the given time, you can take steps to protect yourself.

Credit Card

    1. Monitor your credit card account for suspicious transactions and report any to the card-issuing bank (or American Express or Discover). Ask the bank for online monitoring and alerts on the card account. This will give you early warning of any fraudulent transactions.
    2. Consider cancelling your credit card if you see fraudulent transactions on it following the breach. You can dispute fraudulent transactions on your credit card statement,and deduct them from the total due. Your liability for fraudulent transactions is limited to $50 when you report them, and most banks have a zero-liability policy.
    3. If you do cancel your credit card, remember to contact any companies to which you make automatic payments on the card. Give them your new account number if you wish to transfer the payments.

Debit Card

    1. Monitor your debit card account for suspicious transactions and report any to the card issuer. Ask the bank for online monitoring and alerts on the card account. This will give you early warning of any fraudulent transactions.
    2. Report any unauthorized transactions to your bank immediately to avoid liability. Your liability for fraudulent transactions is limited to $50 if you report them within two days. Your bank may have a zero liability policy. But as time passes, your liability increases, up to the full amount of the trans- action if you fail to report it within 60 days of its appearance on your bank statement.
    3. Consider cancelling your debit card. The card is connected to your bank account. Cancelling it is the safest way to protect yourself from the possibility of a stolen account number being used to withdraw money from your bank account. Even though it would likely be restored, you would not have access to the stolen money until after your bank has completed an investigation.

Social Security Number

Here’s what to do if the breach notice letter says your Social Security number was involved.

  1. Contact the three credit bureaus. You can report the potential identity theft to all three of the major credit bureaus by calling any one of the toll-free fraud numbers below. You will reach an automated telephone system that allows you to flag your file with a fraud alert at all three bureaus. You will also be sent instructions on how to get a free copy of your report from each of the credit bureaus.
    Experian       1-888-397-3742
    Equifax         1-800-525-6285
    TransUnion  1-800-680-7289
  2. What it means to put a fraud alert on your credit file. A fraud alert helps protect you against the possibility of an identity thief opening new credit accounts in your name. When a merchant checks the credit history of someone applying for credit, the merchant gets a notice that there may be fraud on the account. This alerts the merchant to take steps to verify the identity of the applicant. A fraud alert lasts 90 days and can be renewed.
  3. Review your credit reports. Look through each one carefully. Look for accounts you don’t recognize, especially accounts opened recently. Look in the inquiries section for names of creditors from whom you haven’t requested credit. Some companies bill under names other than their store names. The credit bureau will be able to tell you when that is the case. You may find some inquiries identified as “promotional.” These occur when a company has obtained your name and address from a credit bureau to send you an offer of credit. Promotional inquiries are not signs of fraud. (You are automatically removed from lists to receive unsolicited offers of this kind when you place a fraud alert.) Also, as a general precaution, look in the personal information section for any address listed for you where you’ve never lived.
  4. If you find items you don’t understand on your report, call the credit bureau at the number on the report. Credit bureau staff will review your report with you. If the information can’t be explained, then you will need to contact the creditors involved and report the crime to your local police or sheriff’s office.

Password and User ID

In the case of an online account password breach, you may receive a notice by email or when you go to the log-on page for your account. Here are steps to take if you learn that your password and user ID or email address, or perhaps your security question and answer, were compromised.

  1. Change your password for the affected account. If you find that you are locked out of your account, contact the company’s customer service or security department.
  2. If you use the same password for other accounts, change them too.
  3. If a security question and answer was involved, change it. Don’t use questions based on information that is publicly available, such as your mother’s maiden name, your pet’s name or the name of your high school.
  4. Use different passwords for your online accounts. This is especially important for accounts that contain sensitive information, such as your medical or financial information. Consider accounts at online merchants where you may have your credit card number stored in the account.
  5. Create strong passwords. Longer is better at least ten characters long and a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation marks, and symbols. Don’t use words found in a dictionary. You can base passwords on a phrase, song or book title. Example: “I love tropical sunsets” becomes 1luvtrop1calSuns3ts!
  6. A password manager or password “safe” can help you create and manage many strong passwords. These software programs can run on your computer, your phone and other portable devices. You only have to remember one password (or passphrase) to open the safe. The Electronic Frontier Foundation ( lists some free versions and computer magazines offer product reviews.

Bank Information

If the breach notice says your checking account number, on a check for example, was breached, here’s what to do.

  1. Call the bank, tell them about the breach and tell them you want to close your account. Find out what checks are outstanding. You may want to wait until they have cleared before closing the account. (Or you could write to each recipient, tell them about the breach, ask them not to process the old check and enclose a new check on your new account.)
  2. Open a new bank account. Tell the bank you want to use a new password for access to your new account. Do not use your mother’s maiden name or the last four digits of your Social Security number. Ask your bank to notify the check verification company it uses that the old account was closed.

Driver’s License Number

If the breach notice says your driver’s license or state identification card number was involved, and you suspect that you are a victim of identity theft, contact our office at (612) 379-8800. Do not include personal information on your e-mail.

Medical or Health Insurance Information

If the breach notice says your health insurance or health plan number was involved, here’s what you can do to protect yourself against possible medical identity theft. A breach that involves other medical information, but not your insurance or plan number, does not generally pose a risk of medical identity theft.

  1. If the letter says your Social Security number was involved, see section on Social Security number breaches. Also contact your insurer or health plan, as in number 2 below.
  2. If the letter says your health insurance or health plan number was involved, contact your insurer or plan. Tell them about the breach and ask them to note the breach in their records and to flag your account number.
  3. Closely watch the Explanation of Benefits statements for any questionable items. An Explanation of Benefits statement comes in the mail, often marked “This is not a bill.” It lists the medical services received by you or anyone covered by your plan. If you see a service that you did not receive, follow up on it with your insurer or plan.

This fact sheet is for informational purposes and should not be construed as legal advice. If you want advice on a particular case, you should consult an attorney or other expert.

Credit: © 2021California Department of Justice.

List of Companies Involved in Potential Data Breaches

According to the California Attorney General, the following companies may have been involved in a loss of data involving personal information.  Each of these links takes you to a website containing sample Data Breach Notices sent out by these entities as required by California law. Regardless of whether you live in California, you have a right to see that your personal information is protected and secure. Contact our office immediately at 612-379-8800 if you have received a letter or email notice that your personal information was involved in a data breach. Every effort has been made to ensure the reliability of this information but there is guarantee of its accuracy.  This information was obtained from public government sources.  Current as of December 31, 2021.

Organization Name Reported Date
Innovations Group, Inc., a subsidiary of UpHealth, Inc. 12/23/2021
Fiondella, Milone & LaSaracina LLP, on behalf of relevant data owner(s) 12/23/2021
Anderson McPharlin & Conners, LLP 12/23/2021
Health Net 12/22/2021
City of Sebastopol  12/22/2021
Pro Wrestling Tees 12/22/2021
University of Southern California 12/22/2021
Monterey Peninsula Unified School District  12/21/2021
Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation 12/21/2021
BearTooth Mapping, Inc. 12/21/2021
Tennis Warehouse, LLC 12/18/2021
Skate Warehouse, LLC 12/18/2021
Tackle Warehouse, LLC 12/18/2021
Running Warehouse, LLC 12/18/2021
Homeowners Financial Group 12/17/2021
Heirloom Roses 12/17/2021
Index Fund Advisors, Inc.  12/17/2021
Ghilotti Bros., Inc. (“Ghilotti”) 12/16/2021
McGrath RentCorp 12/15/2021
Sound Generations 12/15/2021
Cirrus Asset Management, Inc.  12/15/2021
Lozano Smith 12/14/2021
California Physicians’ Services d/b/a Blue Shield of California 12/13/2021
BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Services, LLC 12/10/2021
County of Monterey  12/10/2021
The Travelers Indemnity Company 12/10/2021
Allergy Partners, PLLC 12/09/2021
Mor Furniture for Less, Inc. 12/09/2021
East Bay Paratransit 12/09/2021
Green, Polack & Company 12/08/2021
Seneca Family of Agencies  12/06/2021
Seneca Family of Agencies  12/06/2021
Seneca Family of Agencies  12/06/2021
Seneca Family of Agencies  12/06/2021
Humana Inc 12/06/2021
Nippon Life Insurance Company of America 12/03/2021
Keolis Transit America 12/03/2021
American Council for International Studies  12/03/2021
California Correctional Health Care Services 12/02/2021
Planned Parenthood Los Angeles 11/30/2021
Bansley and Kiener, L.L.P. 11/30/2021
DNA Diagnostics Center, Inc. 11/29/2021
Lincare Holdings Inc. 11/24/2021
Anthem Blue Cross 11/24/2021
ON24, Inc. 11/23/2021
Local 2/Hospitality Industry Child and Elder Care Plan 11/23/2021, LLC 11/23/2021
Astoria Company LLC 11/22/2021
One Community Health 11/22/2021
Seneca Family of Agencies 11/19/2021
ACE Surgical Supply Co., Inc. 11/19/2021
PAL Card Minnesota, LLC  11/19/2021
Pawn America Minnesota, LLC 11/19/2021
Utah Imaging Associates, Inc. 11/18/2021
Next Peak CPA, Inc. 11/18/2021
San Francisco Symphony 11/17/2021
PUC National 11/17/2021
Alcon Vision, LLC 11/16/2021
Quest Diagnostics 11/16/2021
Diode Dynamics, L.L.C. 11/16/2021
Traffic Solutions Corporation, doing business as Statewide Safety Systems 11/16/2021
California Pizza Kitchen 11/15/2021
Olympus Corporation of the Americas 11/15/2021
San Luis Obispo County YMCA 11/12/2021
The Urology Center of Colorado (“TUCC”) 11/10/2021
Valley Mountain Regional Center 11/09/2021
Vitreo-Retinal Medical Group, Inc. d/b/a Retinal Consultants Medical Group  11/09/2021
Cambro Manufacturing 11/09/2021
Lab Logistics 11/09/2021
AGI Publishing, Inc. (d/b/a Valley Yellow Pages) 11/08/2021
Sea Mar Community Health Centers 11/05/2021
Seneca Family of Agencies 11/05/2021
Lodi Unified School District 11/05/2021
University of Maryland Global Campus 11/05/2021
Strategic Benefits Advisors, Inc. 11/05/2021
Maxim Healthcare Group 11/04/2021
Terrier Media Buyer, Inc. dba Cox Media Group 11/02/2021
GMGS Risk Management & Insurance Services 11/02/2021
Goldwater Bank, N.A. 10/29/2021
AGI Publishing, Inc. (d/b/a Valley Yellow Pages) 10/29/2021
BPM LLP 10/28/2021
Gorilla Circuits 10/28/2021
Anthem, Inc. 10/28/2021
CalOptima 10/27/2021
Amin Dean, CPA 10/27/2021
Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. (“PRMI”) 10/27/2021
Blue Shield of California 10/27/2021
Employee Benefits Administration & Management (“EBA&M”) 10/26/2021
Seneca Family of Agencies 10/26/2021
Community Medical Centers, Inc. 10/26/2021
Blue Cross of California 10/26/2021
Foundation for Medical Care of Merced County 10/26/2021
Sheridan Production Company III, LLC 10/25/2021
Centinela Valley Union High School District 10/21/2021
SCUF Gaming International, LLC 10/21/2021
Wallick & Volk, Inc. 10/20/2021
Valley Truck and Tractor Company 10/20/2021
J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. 10/20/2021
PracticeMax Inc. 10/19/2021
Carnival Corporation and plc 10/18/2021
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation 10/18/2021
World Travel Holdings 10/18/2021
University Medical Center of Southern Nevada (“UMC”) 10/15/2021
Anthem, Inc. 10/15/2021
Elevated Title, LLC 10/14/2021
Academic Therapy Publications 10/14/2021
Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann, L.L.C. 10/14/2021
The Public School and Education Employees Retirement Systems of Missouri 10/14/2021
Newbridge Securities Corporation 10/14/2021
American Osteopathic Association 10/13/2021
PetroQuest Energy LLC 10/13/2021
National Community Renaissance of California 10/12/2021
Timios, Inc.(“Timios”) 10/11/2021
ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics, Inc. 10/08/2021
Terrier Media Buyer, Inc. dba Cox Media Group 10/08/2021
Pacific City Bank 10/07/2021
Buddhist Tzu Chi Education Foundation 10/06/2021
Synchrony Bank 10/05/2021
Pulmuone Foods USA, Inc. 10/01/2021
The Neiman Marcus Group, LLC (“NMG” or the “Company”) 09/30/2021
Coinbase, Inc.  09/27/2021
MTG USA, Inc. 09/26/2021
Golden Entertainment 09/24/2021
Forward Air Corporation 09/24/2021
Innovative Construction Solutions (“ICS”) 09/22/2021
Navistar, Inc. 09/21/2021
Epik Holdings, Inc. 09/20/2021
PFU America, Inc. 09/17/2021
Sugar Steel Corporation 09/17/2021
B&B Transport Inc. 09/16/2021
Metabolic Maintenance Products, Inc. 09/16/2021
King’s Seafood Company 09/15/2021
Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center 09/13/2021
Dick Blick Holdings 09/13/2021
HCI, LLC 09/13/2021
Carpenter Co 09/11/2021
Nations Lending Corporation 09/10/2021
Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation 09/09/2021
Cedarlane Natural Foods, Inc. 09/09/2021
UC San Diego Health 09/09/2021
California Massage Therapy Council 09/08/2021
Resource Anesthesiology Association of California, a Medical Corporation 09/05/2021
K and B Surgical Center, LLC 09/03/2021
Smile Brands Inc. 09/03/2021
CA Department of State Hospitals – Coalinga 09/03/2021
Sequoia Concepts, Inc. 09/02/2021
County of Los Angeles Fire Department 09/01/2021
DuPage Medical Group, Ltd. 09/01/2021
MFA Financial, Inc. 09/01/2021
Career Group, Inc. 08/31/2021
Healthpointe Medical Group, Inc. 08/30/2021
Mater Dei High School 08/30/2021
SmartStart Employment Screening, Inc. 08/27/2021
LifeLong Medical Care 08/27/2021
SAC Wireless, LLC 08/26/2021
T-Mobile USA 08/25/2021
San Andreas Regional Center 08/25/2021
SafetyCall International 08/24/2021
County of Los Angeles Fire Department 08/24/2021
American Freight, LLC and its related subsidiaries and affiliates, including American Freight Outlet Stores, LLC  08/24/2021
Syufy Enterprises, LP 08/24/2021
Pendrick Capital Partner Holdings, LLC 08/23/2021
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority 08/23/2021
H Mart, Inc.  08/20/2021
Fresno Unified School District 08/19/2021
Walter’s Automotive Group 08/19/2021
The Dixie Group, Inc.  08/18/2021
WSSC Water 08/17/2021
Secure Administrative Solutions, LLC (“SAS”) 08/17/2021
BackNine Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. 08/17/2021
Sierra Joint Community College District 08/13/2021
The Research Foundation for the State University of New York 08/13/2021
Academic HealthPlans, Inc. 08/13/2021
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. 08/13/2021
On Lok Senior Health Services 08/12/2021
Jim Provencher (“the Firm”) 08/11/2021
Morgan Truck Body, LLC 08/11/2021
Bath & Body Works Direct, Inc. 08/10/2021
Abode Services 08/09/2021
Ibex Global Solutions, Inc. (“Ibex”) 08/06/2021
SafetyCall International 08/06/2021
MLD Mortgage, Inc. 08/06/2021
NTS Holding Corporation  08/05/2021
University of Kentucky 08/05/2021
Transtar Industries Inc. 08/04/2021
Transamerica Retirement Solutions, LLC 08/04/2021
Tuff Shed, Inc. 08/03/2021
LERETA, LLC 08/02/2021
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foudation 08/02/2021
Divvy Up, Inc. 07/30/2021
WideOrbit LLC 07/30/2021
Ryan Specialty Group 07/30/2021
La Jolla Professional Insurance Associates, Inc. 07/30/2021
Motor Trend Group LLC 07/29/2021
Spiezle Group, Inc.  07/29/2021
A2Z Diagnostics, LLC 07/28/2021
D&K Engineering Inc. 07/27/2021
Transform SR Holding Management LLC 07/26/2021
Specialty Tax & Bookkeeping Services 07/26/2021
Inner City Law Center 07/23/2021
G2 Insurance Services 07/23/2021
Savory Spice 07/23/2021
Resort Data Processing, Inc. 07/22/2021
Hyphen, LLC 07/21/2021
CMC Tax Services 07/20/2021
SafetyCall International 07/19/2021
Davaco LP 07/19/2021
SN Servicing Corporation 07/16/2021
eJuice Direct  07/16/2021
Sierra Nevada Primary Care Physicians 07/16/2021
California Student Aid Commission 07/16/2021
Guidehouse on behalf of Community Memorial Health System located in Ventura, CA 07/16/2021
Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC 07/15/2021
Birtcher Anderson & Davis Associates Inc 07/12/2021
Direct Energy LP, together with its affiliates First Choice Power, LLC and Home Warranty of America, Inc. 07/12/2021
CSI Financial Services, LLC (“ClearBalance”) 07/09/2021
Guess?, Inc. 07/09/2021
CNA Financial Corporation 07/08/2021
Forefront Management, LLC and Forefront Dermatology, S.C. 07/08/2021
Hello Housing 07/07/2021
Stride, Inc. 07/06/2021
VotePlus10 Inc. DBA Impactree 07/02/2021
Morgan Stanley 07/02/2021
The Paradies Shops, LLC  07/02/2021
Discovery Practice Management, Inc.  07/01/2021
Nevada Restaurant Services Inc. 07/01/2021
Professional Business Systems d/b/a Practicefirst Medical Management Solutions and PBS Medcode Corp. 07/01/2021
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. 06/30/2021
Hudson Envelope of New Jersey Corp.  06/30/2021
Marsh McLennan 06/30/2021
Wolfe Clinic, P.C. 06/29/2021
Pharmavite LLC 06/28/2021
Abode Services  06/25/2021
Highmark Inc. 06/24/2021
Maximus, Inc.  06/23/2021
Asset Marketing Services, LLC d/b/a 06/23/2021
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., on behalf of the Royal Caribbean Group 06/23/2021
Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center Inc. 06/22/2021
Stephen F. McFadden CPA  06/22/2021
Amgen Inc. 06/22/2021
Naito Corporation dba Made In Oregon 06/18/2021
AmeriFirst Financial, Inc.  06/18/2021
Prominence Health Plan 06/18/2021
STG International, Inc. 06/16/2021
Herff Jones, LLC 06/16/2021
Aspiration Financial, LLC 06/16/2021
Archbishop Mitty High School 06/16/2021
Ally Financial Inc 06/15/2021
HOYA Optical Labs of America, Inc. 06/11/2021
NEC Networks, LLC d/b/a CaptureRx 06/11/2021
San Dieguito Union High School District 06/11/2021
Maricopa County Community Colleges District 06/10/2021
Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.  06/10/2021
Alderson Broaddus University (“Alderson Broaddus”) 06/10/2021
AireSpring, Inc. 06/10/2021
Warren Resources, Inc. 06/09/2021
Hnilo Naturals LLC 06/09/2021
Progrexion ASG, Inc.  06/09/2021
HCI LLC 06/08/2021
Public Allies 06/07/2021
Victor Valley Union High School District 06/03/2021
Supplemental Income Trust Fund; MonRoc Administrators LLC 06/03/2021
DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc. 06/03/2021
City of Azusa Police Department 06/02/2021
Scripps Health 06/01/2021
20/20 Eye Care Network, Inc. 05/29/2021
USA Waste-Management Resources, LLC 05/28/2021
STG Holdings, LLC (“STG”) 05/27/2021
Plains Commerce Bank 05/27/2021
Accucom Corporation 05/27/2021
Underwriters Laboratories Inc and UL Inc. 05/26/2021
Building Material Distributors, Inc. 05/26/2021
Sugarfina USA, LLC 05/25/2021
Infinity Insurance Company 05/25/2021
Custom Benefit Programs, Inc., an Aon Company 05/21/2021
Atrium Windows and Doors, Inc 05/21/2021
Defender Industries, Inc. 05/21/2021
ZocDoc, Inc. 05/20/2021
Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services 05/19/2021
Health Plan of San Joaquin (HPSJ) 05/18/2021
The NOCO Company (“NOCO”) 05/18/2021
Marshall Medical Center 05/18/2021
Phillip Galyen PC 05/14/2021
REEF Global Inc. 05/14/2021
M Bar C Construction 05/14/2021
University of California 05/13/2021
County of Orange Social Services Agency (OCSSA) 05/13/2021
Midvale Indemnity Company 05/13/2021
American Family Mutual Insurance Company, S.I. 05/13/2021
Sacramento County IHSS Public Authority 05/12/2021
Oak Valley Community Bank  05/11/2021
CA Department of State Hospitals 05/11/2021
State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company 05/11/2021
Aspen Education Group, Inc. 05/10/2021
SAC Health System 05/10/2021
San Diego Family Care 05/09/2021
Arabian Horse Association 05/07/2021
Anchor Loans, LP (“Anchor Loans”) 05/07/2021
Exceltox Laboratories 05/07/2021
TradeSource, Inc. 05/07/2021
Telmate, LLC 05/07/2021
SEIU 775 Benefits Group 05/07/2021
Farmers Insurance 05/04/2021
21st Century Insurance Company 05/04/2021
Divvy Up, Inc. 05/03/2021
Northern California Medical Associates, Inc. 05/03/2021
OHL North America 05/03/2021
Sonus Hearing Care Professionals 05/03/2021
St. John’s Well Child and Family Center, Inc.  04/29/2021
Community Eldercare of San Diego dba St. Paul’s PACE 04/29/2021
Insurance Technologies Corporation, on behalf of the insurance brokers listed in Exhibit A of “ITC – Notification to California AG – Apr 29.” 04/29/2021, LLP 04/29/2021
Natural Habitat, Inc. (“Nat Hab”) 04/28/2021
Capital Brands Distribution, LLC 04/27/2021
Med-Data Incorporated 04/26/2021
Doctors Medical Center of Modesto  04/23/2021
Foodland Super Market, Limited; Kalama Beach Corporation; Coffee Pacific LLC; Pacific Sweets, LLC; Food Pantry, Ltd. 04/23/2021
Smith and Company 04/22/2021
Health Center Partners of Southern California 04/21/2021
Blade HQ 04/19/2021
Administrative Advantage, LLC obo Remedy Medical Group 04/16/2021
Fort Hays State University Foundation 04/16/2021
Government Employees Insurance Company 04/15/2021
FPI Management, Inc. 04/15/2021
AmeriFirst Financial, Inc. 04/15/2021
Don Roberto Jewelers, Inc. 04/15/2021
Seven Hills School 04/13/2021
VEP Healthcare, Inc. 04/13/2021
Ascentium Corporation dba SMITH 04/13/2021
On Q Financial, Inc. 04/12/2021
Hamilton Beach Brands 04/09/2021
American College of Emergency Physicians (“ACEP”) 04/09/2021
McDougall & Sons, Inc. 04/09/2021 Pharmacy Corporation  04/08/2021
Neighborhood Healthcare 04/08/2021
Atlantic Media, Inc. 04/07/2021
American Society for Clinical Pathology 04/07/2021
Minnetonka Moccasin Company, Inc. 04/06/2021
Marines’ Memorial Association & Foundation  04/06/2021
Active Lifestyle Products & Services, Inc., d/b/a as ALPS Brands  04/05/2021
Trinity Health 04/05/2021
CA Department of State Hospitals 04/05/2021
Maternity IP Holdings, LLC 04/02/2021
Slate & Tell LLC 04/02/2021
Crestline Hotels & Resorts, LLC 04/02/2021
Bricker & Eckler LLP 04/02/2021
MHNext, LLC 04/02/2021
USG Insurance Services, Inc. 04/01/2021
Suburban Collection Holdings, LLC 03/31/2021
Liberty Mutual Group, Inc.  03/30/2021
Americold Realty Trust 03/30/2021
La Clinica de La Raza, Inc. (La Clinica) 03/29/2021
BioTel Heart (a trade name under which both CardioNet, LLC and LifeWatch, Inc. operate) 03/26/2021
Santa Catalina School 03/26/2021
Capital One 03/26/2021
Health Net of California 03/25/2021
Health Net Life Insurance Company 03/25/2021
Health Net Community Solutions 03/25/2021
CalViva Health 03/25/2021
California Health & Wellness 03/25/2021
Rosa Mexicano Company 03/25/2021
The National Wildlife Federation 03/24/2021
Capcom U.S.A., Inc. 03/24/2021
Ascentium inc. and Ascentium Corp. (Smith) 03/23/2021
State Controller’s Office 03/23/2021
Hagerty Insurance Agency, LLC 03/23/2021
Solairus Aviation 03/22/2021
PCS Revenue Control Systems 03/22/2021
Victor Community Support Services 03/19/2021
Brandman Centers for Senior Care 03/19/2021
Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Midwestern Regional Medical Center 03/19/2021
SunMed Group Holdings, LLC 03/19/2021
Insulet Corporation 03/19/2021
Jefit, Inc. 03/18/2021
CA Department of State Hospitals 03/17/2021
Western Union Financial Services, Inc. 03/17/2021
Infinity Insurance Company 03/16/2021
Channel Control Merchants, LLC (“CCM”) 03/16/2021
Automation Personnel Services, Inc. 03/16/2021
Quality CPR Care LLC dba American CPR Care Association 03/15/2021
CPR AED Course LLC dba American Health Care Academy 03/15/2021
Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District 03/15/2021
Flagstar Bank, FSB 03/15/2021
Golden Gate Regional Center  03/12/2021
Central California Alliance for Health 03/11/2021
Security Industry Specialists 03/11/2021
Pan-American Life Insurance Group 03/11/2021
Island Hotel Company Limited doing business as Atlantis Paradise Island 03/09/2021
Humana Inc 03/08/2021
Metromile Insurance Company 03/06/2021
The American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association 03/05/2021
Los Angeles Philharmonic Association 03/04/2021
Saint Alphonsus Health System 03/04/2021
Root Insurance Company 03/04/2021
Americold Realty Trust 03/04/2021
La Jolla Country Day School 03/03/2021
Hurtigruten 03/02/2021
The Hartford Fire Insurance Company 03/02/2021
Cardinal Logistics Management Corp. 03/02/2021
BSN Sports, LLC 02/26/2021
Santa Rosa Community Health Centers 02/26/2021
Backroads 02/26/2021
Arrow Truck Sales, Inc. 02/26/2021
International Medical Corps 02/26/2021
Summit Behavioral Healthcare, LLC 02/26/2021
CertifiedSafety, Inc. 02/25/2021
Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Northern California 02/23/2021
Principal Life Insurance Company 02/23/2021
Worldwide Facilities, LLC 02/22/2021
San Francisco University High School 02/22/2021
ITOCHU International Inc. (“III”) 02/22/2021
E & J Gallo Winery 02/19/2021
The Kroger Co. and its affiliated companies (“Kroger”) 02/19/2021
Sequoia Capital Operations, LLC 02/18/2021
AxleHire Inc.  02/17/2021
Alicia Surgery Center  02/16/2021
Harvard Eye Associates 02/16/2021
Apprentice and Journeymen Training Trust Fund of the Southern California Plumbing & Piping Industry 02/16/2021
Citywide Home Loans, LLC 02/16/2021
Elwyn 02/11/2021
Rakuten USA, Inc. DBA Rakuten Americas 02/11/2021
Jet Aviation 02/10/2021
Abacus Data Systems, Inc. 02/10/2021
Westlake Hardware, Inc. 02/10/2021
Sutter Buttes Imaging Medical Group, Inc. 02/09/2021
Life Quotes, Inc. 02/05/2021
Southern California Center for Anti-Aging 02/05/2021
Syracuse University 02/05/2021
Carnival Corporation and plc 02/04/2021
Traffic Solutions Corporation, doing business as Statewide Safety Systems  02/04/2021
Granite Wellness Centers 02/04/2021
The Oakwood School 02/03/2021
U.S. Bank, N.A.  02/03/2021
Porter & Curtis LLC 02/02/2021
Ardent Credit Union 02/02/2021
San Francisco Conservatory of Music  01/29/2021
SN Servicing Corporation 01/29/2021
Brotherhood’s Relief & Compensation Fund 01/29/2021
Made In Oregon 01/29/2021
Wind River Systems, Inc. 01/29/2021
Rochelle Margucci, EA 01/27/2021
Diversified Gas & Oil Corporation  01/27/2021
Auris Health, Inc. 01/27/2021
thyssenkrupp Materials 01/26/2021
Bosley, Inc. 01/26/2021
National Western Life Insurance Company  01/25/2021
Einstein Healthcare Network 01/25/2021
American Frame Corporation 01/25/2021
Arraycon LLC 01/22/2021
Communications Workers of America 01/22/2021
St. Francis Catholic High School 01/22/2021
Direct Energy LP, together with its affiliates First Choice Power, LLC and Home Warranty of America, Inc. 01/21/2021
Fairmont Private Schools 01/19/2021
Wildwood School 01/19/2021
ALE Solutions, Inc. 01/18/2021
Shift Technologies, Inc. 01/14/2021
Waters & Kraus LLP 01/13/2021
The Archer School for Girls 01/13/2021
National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc.  01/12/2021
Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. 01/12/2021
Los Angeles Community College District 01/12/2021
American Federation of Musicians and Employers’ Pension Fund 01/11/2021
Veritex Holdings Inc. 01/11/2021
American Anesthesiology, Inc.  01/08/2021
US Fertility LLC 01/08/2021
Creal & Creal, An Accountancy Corporation 01/08/2021
American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) 01/06/2021
Francis Parker School 01/05/2021
Matson Navigation Company 01/04/2021
Peter Pan Seafoods, Inc. 01/04/2021
Anchor General Insurance Agency, Inc. (“Anchor General”) 01/02/2021
Life Quotes, Inc. 12/31/2020
Zoetop Business Co. Ltd. 12/30/2020
International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers 12/30/2020
Sugar Bowl Corporation 12/30/2020
Valley Presbyterian Hospital 12/30/2020
Dickey’s Barbecue Pit 12/29/2020
Total Vision, PC 12/28/2020
Tree Top, Inc. and Northwest Naturals LLC 12/23/2020
DJO Global, Inc.  12/23/2020
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. 12/23/2020
Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc. 12/23/2020
MEDNAX Services, Inc. 12/23/2020
Metabolic Maintenance Products, Inc. 12/23/2020
NetGalley, LLC 12/23/2020
U.S. Bank, N.A.  12/22/2020;; 12/21/2020
Capital Lumber Company 12/18/2020
GenRx Pharmacy 12/18/2020
Agoura Health Products, LLC dba Gundry MD 12/17/2020
II-VI Incorporated  12/17/2020
Paysafe Group Holdings Limited 12/16/2020
MEDNAX Services, Inc.  12/16/2020
Monterey Bay Air Resources District 12/15/2020
Sonoma Recovery Services, LLC d/b/a Olympia House 12/15/2020
Belden Inc. 12/14/2020
Grass Valley USA, LLC 12/14/2020
Aetna 12/11/2020
H.N.R. Clark, Inc. 12/10/2020
KeyPoint Credit Union 12/09/2020
Sonoma Valley Healthcare District 12/09/2020
Spotify USA Inc. 12/09/2020
Robie & Matthai APC 12/09/2020
Glofox Inc.  12/09/2020
U.S. Bank, N.A. 12/09/2020
Woodruff Sawyer & Co. 12/08/2020
Diocese of Charlotte 12/06/2020
Angeion Group 12/04/2020
Eaze Technologies, Inc. 12/03/2020
The Long & Foster Companies, Inc. 12/01/2020
MetaBrainz Foundation Inc. 12/01/2020
Florida State College at Jacksonville Foundation 11/30/2020
Etz Hayim Holdings, SPC. d/b/a Lazarus Naturals 11/30/2020
Minerals Technologies Inc. 11/30/2020
Canon U.S.A., Inc. 11/25/2020
Fairchild Medical Center 11/25/2020
ZEG – Berlin Center for Epidemiology and Health Research GMBH 11/25/2020
University of Minnesota Physicians 11/25/2020
The Center for Early Education 11/24/2020
Atlas Mechanical, Inc. 11/24/2020
Merchant One, Inc. 11/23/2020
U.S. Bank, N.A.  11/23/2020
Steel Partners Holdings L.P. 11/23/2020
Indian Health Council Inc. 11/20/2020
River City Bank 11/20/2020
Golden Gate Regional Center  11/20/2020
Backroads 11/19/2020
Windstream Holdings II, LLC 11/18/2020
International Cosmetics & Perfumes, 11/17/2020
1919 Investment Counsel LLC 11/13/2020
University of California San Francisco 11/13/2020
Hutchison School 11/12/2020
BarristerBooks, Inc. 11/11/2020
Cantella & Co., Inc. 11/10/2020
San Dieguito Union High School District 11/09/2020
Bruce L. Boros, M.D., P.A. DBA Advanced Urgent Care 11/06/2020
Camrosa Water District 11/06/2020
California Physicians’ Services d/b/a Blue Shield of California 11/06/2020
U.S. Bank, N.A. 11/06/2020
VF Outdoor, LLC doing business as The North Face® 11/05/2020
National Railroad Corporation 11/04/2020
Woodland Unified School District 11/04/2020
Methodist Hospital of Southern California 11/04/2020
The GEO Group Inc. 11/03/2020
Stetson University, Inc. 11/03/2020
Health Formula Inc. 11/02/2020
Imperial Community College District 11/02/2020
SiteOne Landscape Supply, Inc. 10/30/2020
L.A. Tax Service, LLP  10/30/2020
Rady Children’s Hospital – San Diego and Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation – San Diego 10/29/2020
CCPOA Benefit Trust Fund 10/29/2020
JM Bullion, Inc. 10/28/2020
U.S. Bank, N.A. 10/28/2020
TrueFire LLC 10/27/2020
Athenian School 10/27/2020
Living Beyond Breast Cancer 10/27/2020
Alcorn Fence Company 10/26/2020
Tailored Brands, Inc. 10/26/2020
Ascend Clinical LLC 10/26/2020
Trinity Health 10/23/2020
UAMG, LLC 10/23/2020
Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP 10/23/2020
Alameda Health System 10/22/2020
Sam’s Club 10/21/2020
U.S. Bank, N.A. 10/21/2020
Mount Diablo Unified School District 10/20/2020
City of Torrance, California 10/18/2020
Wyndham Capital Mortgage, Inc. 10/16/2020
Accident Insurance Company  10/15/2020
Center for Autism and Related Disorders 10/15/2020
One Workplace Ferrari, LLC dba One Workplace 10/14/2020
U.S. Bank, N.A.  10/14/2020
Made In Oregon 10/13/2020
Carnival Corporation and plc 10/13/2020
Georgia Southern University 10/09/2020
Terminix Global Holdings 10/09/2020
Keith Fabry 10/09/2020
Law Office of Robert T. Bledsoe 10/05/2020
American Symphony Orchestra League 10/05/2020
PupBox, c/o Petco Animal Supplies Stores, Inc. 10/02/2020
St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology 10/02/2020
University Muslim Medical Association  09/29/2020
CBD Industries, LLC 09/29/2020
U.S. Bank, N.A.  09/29/2020
EyeMed Vision Care LLC 09/28/2020
Vermont Student Assistance Corporation 09/25/2020
Mono County 09/25/2020
Southern Mono Healthcare District d/b/a Mammoth Hospital  09/24/2020
RadNet, Inc. 09/18/2020
FabFitFun. Inc. 09/18/2020
Joslin Diabetes Center, Inc. 09/18/2020
Rocklin Unified School District 09/18/2020
U.S. Bank, N.A. 09/18/2020
Greenworks Tools  09/17/2020
Episcopal Community Services 09/17/2020
California Dialysis Management Services, Inc. 09/16/2020
BMB Associates 09/15/2020
Inova Health System 09/15/2020
Baylor Genetics 09/14/2020
Medical Depot, Inc., d/b/a Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare 09/14/2020
Northern Light Health 09/14/2020
Emanate Health Foundation 09/11/2020
CorePower Yoga, LLC 09/11/2020
STG Logistics  09/11/2020
Enloe Medical Center 09/10/2020
LiveAuctioneers, LLC 09/10/2020 Ltd. 09/06/2020
Advantage Capital Funding, LLC 09/04/2020
Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation 09/04/2020
Artech, L.L.C. 09/04/2020
Vermont Student Assistance Corporation 09/04/2020
INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center, Inc. 09/04/2020
Hydrocephalus Association 09/04/2020
Sekure Merchant Solutions 09/03/2020
Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. 09/03/2020
Warner Music Group 09/02/2020
Nutranext, LLC 09/02/2020
Coast Financial Services 09/01/2020
Ferris Marketing, Inc.  08/31/2020
Stericycle, Inc. 08/31/2020
Assured Imaging 08/31/2020
American Payroll Institute, Inc. (APA); Global Payroll Management Institute, Inc. (GPMI) 08/31/2020
Havenly, Inc. 08/31/2020
Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 08/28/2020
The Jane Goodall Institute 08/28/2020
PULAU Corporation 08/28/2020
Mechanics Bank, dba CRB Auto 08/28/2020
Williams Hart Boundas Easterby LLP 08/28/2020
AliMed, Inc. 08/28/2020
Lemoore Union High School 08/27/2020
Crystal Stairs, Inc. 08/26/2020
Combe Incorporated 08/26/2020
Westcor Land Title Insurance Company 08/25/2020
Brown-Forman Corporation 08/25/2020
ArbiterSports 08/24/2020
Energy One Federal Credit Union 08/21/2020
Cetera Financial Group, Inc. 08/21/2020
Dave, Inc. 08/20/2020
Saint Luke’s Foundation 08/20/2020
Pacific Huntington Hotel Corporation  08/20/2020
Santa Rosa Junior College Foundation 08/19/2020
Patriot Growth Insurance Services, LLC 08/19/2020
Stockpile, Inc. 08/19/2020
Dynasplint Systems, Inc. 08/17/2020
University of Detroit Mercy 08/17/2020
Institute for Integrative Nutrition 08/16/2020
Construction Bidboard, Inc. 08/14/2020
Metropolitan Community College of Kansas City  08/14/2020
Filters Fast LLC 08/14/2020
NRI USA, LLC 08/14/2020
Prostate Cancer Foundation 08/13/2020
Dyson, Inc 08/13/2020
Patriot Growth Insurance Services, LLC 08/12/2020
Dent Wizard International 08/10/2020
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 08/10/2020
Northwest Foundation, Inc. 08/07/2020
Bregante + Company, LLC 08/04/2020
Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara 08/04/2020
Romanazzi & Associates 08/04/2020
Wurkforce, Inc. 08/03/2020
Hoag Clinic 08/03/2020
Steel Partners Holdings L.P. 08/02/2020
California Western School of Law 07/31/2020
The Credit Pros international 07/30/2020
Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System 07/29/2020
Good Samaritan Hospital, Inc. 07/29/2020
Emanate Health 07/29/2020
Front Rush, LLC 07/28/2020
OTR Leasing, LLC 07/28/2020
Windes, Inc. 07/28/2020
Ventura College Foundation 07/28/2020
CK-12 Foundation 07/27/2020
Walgreen Co. 07/24/2020
Ply Gem Residential Solutions 07/24/2020
Dynavax Technologies Corporation 07/24/2020
Frederick W. Howarth III d/b/a TBG West Insurance Services (“TBG West”) 07/23/2020
Pivot Technology Solutions, Inc. 07/22/2020
Corning Union Elementary School District 07/21/2020
Collabera, Inc. 07/21/2020
Senior Resource Group LLC 07/20/2020
Coalinga Valley Health Clinics, Inc.  07/19/2020
Verigent, LLC 07/17/2020
Next Glass, Inc. 07/17/2020
NCP Healthcare Management Company 07/17/2020
Northgate Gonzalez, LLC 07/17/2020
STRATA Trust Company 07/17/2020
Genworth 07/17/2020
Evergreen Union School District 07/17/2020
Steel Partners Holdings L.P. 07/16/2020
US HealthCenter, Inc. 07/16/2020
FormFactor, Inc. 07/16/2020
Merani Hospitality, Inc.  07/15/2020
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation  07/14/2020
City Dental 07/12/2020
The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inc. 07/10/2020
Morgan Stanley 07/10/2020
Thomas Cuisine 07/10/2020
Los Angeles County Bar Association 07/10/2020
Claire’s Stores, Inc. 07/08/2020
Eshel, Aminov & Partners LLP 07/08/2020
Audio Visual Services Group, LLC d/b/a PSAV 07/08/2020
Dr. Ann Hale, D.D.S. / also known as Hutton & Hale, D.D.S. 07/07/2020
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation 07/07/2020
Douglas M. Smith & Co. CPA 07/07/2020
Beverly Hills Unified School District 07/02/2020
Central California Alliance for Health 07/02/2020
Urban Compass, Inc. 07/01/2020
Andrew Lundholm CPA 07/01/2020
WESTECH International Inc. 06/30/2020
Young, Molohan, Cohen & Durrett, LLP 06/29/2020
Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System 06/29/2020
Red Bluff Joint Union High School District 06/29/2020
Electrical Training Institute 06/29/2020
Adelanto Elementary School District 06/26/2020
Saddleback Valley Unified School District 06/24/2020
Kroto Inc. d/b/a iCanvas 06/24/2020
Eagle Community Credit Union 06/23/2020
GAIN Capital Group, LLC 06/22/2020
Chino Valley Unified School District 06/22/2020
Florida Orthopaedic Institute 06/22/2020
Concorde Investment Services 06/20/2020
CodeMetro 06/19/2020
Le Duff America, Inc. 06/18/2020
American Medical Technologies 06/18/2020
El Dorado County Office of Education 06/17/2020
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation 06/17/2020
Optima Family Services, Inc. 06/16/2020
Sonicbids LLC 06/16/2020
Andrew Dang, DDS 06/15/2020
KIPP SoCal Public Schools 06/12/2020
Magellan Health, Inc. 06/12/2020
Apple Valley Unified School District 06/12/2020
You Can Trade, Inc. 06/12/2020
McKinney & Company 06/12/2020
Yuba City Unified School District 06/11/2020
San Leandro Unified School District 06/11/2020
MaxLinear, Inc. 06/11/2020
Bailard, Inc. 06/11/2020
Gonzalez CPA 06/11/2020
Zoosk, Inc.  06/11/2020
Mt. Diablo Unified School District 06/11/2020
Corning Union High School District 06/11/2020
Genworth  06/10/2020
San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System 06/09/2020
Castro Valley Health, Inc. 06/08/2020
Brea-Olinda Unified School District 06/08/2020
Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District 06/08/2020
Myron Corp. d/b/a Pen Factory (“Pen Factory”) 06/05/2020
ABC Unified School District 06/05/2020
Bombas LLC 06/03/2020
San Bernardino City Unified School District 06/02/2020
Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District 06/02/2020
Rocklin Unified School District 06/02/2020
Allergy & Asthma Medical Group of the Bay Area, Inc. 06/02/2020
Paul Quinn College  06/01/2020
The Crucible 05/30/2020
Laguna Beach Unified School District 05/29/2020
Central School District 05/29/2020
Inglewood Unified School District 05/29/2020
Good Samaritan Hospital, Inc. 05/29/2020
Catholic Charities, Diocese of San Diego 05/29/2020
Lassen Union High School Distirict 05/28/2020
Orchard Medical Consulting 05/28/2020
Minted, LLC 05/28/2020
Amtrak 05/28/2020
SFO 05/27/2020
Icahn Automotive Group LLC (“IAG”) 05/27/2020
Duben & Associates, Inc. 05/26/2020
Weaver Fundraising, LLC d/b/a Trail’s End 05/26/2020
Arbonne International, LLC 05/22/2020
Mathway LLC 05/22/2020
Aeries Software, Inc.  05/21/2020
Santa Barbara Unified School District 05/20/2020
Kingsburg Elementary Charter School District 05/19/2020
Prime Communications 05/18/2020
City of Torrance 05/18/2020
Bank of America 05/18/2020
San Dieguito Union High School District 05/14/2020
PCL Constructors, Inc. 05/14/2020
The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inc. 05/13/2020
Magellan Health, Inc. 05/11/2020
Santa Rosa & Rohnert Park Oral Surgery 05/08/2020
Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation 05/08/2020
Atria Wealth Solutions  05/07/2020
Principal Life Insurance Company 05/07/2020
Impact Mobile Home Communities 05/05/2020
City of Fullerton 05/05/2020
Orchard Medical Consulting  05/05/2020 LLC 05/03/2020
Pacific Press Publishing Association 05/03/2020
McKissock Investment Holdings, LLC 05/01/2020
Marshall Medical Center 04/28/2020
Community Memorial Health System 04/27/2020
Chegg, Inc. 04/27/2020
A.B. Closing, Inc. D/B/A Kavaliro 04/24/2020
Athens Insurance Services, Inc. 04/23/2020
KandyPens, Inc.  04/20/2020
Silicon Valley Community Foundation 04/20/2020
Volusion LLC 04/20/2020
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. on behalf of KDW Automotive 04/20/2020
Squar Milner LLP 04/17/2020
Ambry Genetics Corporation 04/17/2020
Fusion Management Services, LLC 04/17/2020
Grimaldi Center for Wellness and Aesthetics 04/16/2020
Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation 04/16/2020
AST LLC 04/14/2020
Weber and Company, Inc. 04/07/2020
Healthcare Resource Group, Inc. 04/07/2020
Stockdale Radiology 04/06/2020
Ronald L Wolfe & Associates Inc. 04/02/2020
Total Quality Logistics, LLC 04/02/2020
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence 03/31/2020
Hospice by the Bay 03/27/2020
New Media Trader Inc. 03/26/2020
eImprovement, LLC 03/25/2020
Golden Valley Health Centers 03/20/2020
General Electric Company 03/20/2020
Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. 03/17/2020
Foundation Medicine, Inc. 03/13/2020
New Heights Ventures Inc.  03/12/2020
Wichita State university 03/11/2020
Woods & Woods LLC 03/11/2020
TrueFire LLC 03/10/2020
Eversana Life Sciences Services, LLC 03/09/2020
Entercom Communications Corporation 03/09/2020
Torrance Memorial Medical Center 03/06/2020
NYR Organic, Inc. 03/06/2020
Athens Insurance Services, Inc. 03/06/2020
Carnival Corporation & PLC 03/03/2020
J.Crew Group, Inc. 03/02/2020
Walgreen Co. 02/28/2020
Allstate Benefits 02/28/2020
Kaiser Health Plan, Southern California 02/28/2020
RailWorks Corporation  02/27/2020
Moss Adams LLP 02/26/2020
AFTRA Retirement Fund 02/25/2020
VibrantCare Rehabilitation, Inc.  02/24/2020
Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego 02/21/2020
Pacific Guardian Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 02/17/2020
Aveanna Healthcare 02/14/2020
Overlake Medical Center & Clinics 02/07/2020
Altice USA, Inc. 02/06/2020
Golden Entertainment, Inc. 01/31/2020
The City of Los Banos, California  01/31/2020
Pacific Specialty Insurance Company 01/24/2020
Sunshine Behavioral Health Group, LLC 01/21/2020
The UPS Store, Inc. 01/20/2020
Community Action Partnership of Kern 01/17/2020
J.D. England Management, Inc. 01/17/2020
The Crack Shack Enterprises, LLC 01/17/2020
Legalinc Corporate Services, Inc. (as data maintainer) on behalf of Rocket Lawyer Incorporated (as data owner) 01/15/2020
Hanna Andersson, LLC 01/15/2020
Decron Properties Corporation 01/14/2020
Health Quest Systems, Inc. 01/10/2020
PIH Health 01/10/2020
Jambav, Inc. 01/10/2020
Treloar & Heisel, Inc.  01/09/2020
AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation 01/03/2020
States Logistics Services, Inc. 01/03/2020
Landry’s, Inc. 12/31/2019
Legalinc Corporate Services, Inc. (as data maintainer) on behalf of Stripe GEP, Inc. (as data owner) 12/31/2019
Evolucion Innovations Inc. 12/31/2019
Imperfect Foods, Inc.  12/30/2019
Active Network, LLC  12/30/2019
SharesPost, Inc. 12/27/2019
ACCO Engineered Systems, Inc. 12/26/2019
Avid Technology, Inc. 12/24/2019
HelloTech, Inc.  12/23/2019
Jambav, Inc. 12/19/2019
Island Restaurants, LP and Champagne French Bakery Cafe 12/19/2019
Wawa, Inc. 12/19/2019
Western Health Advantage 12/13/2019
The Master’s Touch, LLC 12/13/2019
Blue Cross Blue Shield Association 12/12/2019
CJGO Fulfillment, Inc. DBA CoffeeAM 12/09/2019
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. 12/06/2019
Cucamonga Valley Water Ditrict 12/04/2019
Farmers Insurance 12/03/2019
Choice Hotels International, Inc. 11/29/2019
The UPS Store, Inc.  11/27/2019
KPRS Construction Services, Inc.  11/25/2019
Cadence Aerospace 11/25/2019
LifeMark Securities, Corp. 11/20/2019
Atria Senior Living 11/19/2019
Wescom Central Credit Union 11/19/2019
Capital Planning Advisors, LLC 11/15/2019 11/15/2019
Green Roads of Florida, LLC  11/14/2019
Solara Medical Supplies, LLC 11/13/2019
GFS, Inc. 11/13/2019
River Valley Farms LLC 11/08/2019
Jal Berry Farms LLC 11/08/2019
Reiter Brothers, Inc 11/08/2019
Reiter Berry Farms, Inc. 11/08/2019
First Aid Beauty Limited 11/08/2019
EmployBridge 11/08/2019 Group, Inc. 11/05/2019
Title Boxing, LLC 10/31/2019
Marriott International 10/30/2019
The Guidance Center 10/30/2019
Gazelle Transportation, LLC 10/29/2019
Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. 10/29/2019
Auto Approve, LLC 10/28/2019
BookShark LLC 10/25/2019
Central Valley Regional Center 10/24/2019
Kalisepell Regional Healthcare 10/22/2019
Tribune Publishing Company 10/18/2019
Eye Buy Direct, Inc. 10/18/2019
PKF LLP 10/17/2019
Nutraceutical Wellness Inc. dba Nutrafol 10/16/2019
The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization 10/15/2019
Hunt Regional Medical Center 10/09/2019
Telecare Corporation 10/04/2019
City of Bakersfield 10/04/2019
San Francisco Department of Public Health 10/03/2019
McAlister’s Corporation, Moe’s Stores LLC, Schlotzsky’s Stores LLC, as well as entities that are franchisees  10/02/2019
Drury Hotels Company, LLC 10/01/2019
Zynga 09/30/2019
DoorDash, Inc. 09/27/2019
Kaiser Permanente 09/26/2019
Jewish Community Federation 09/24/2019
Amateur Athletic Union 09/13/2019
Coyuchi 09/11/2019
Cornerstone Building Brands, Inc. 09/11/2019
Miller Kaplan Arase LLP 09/11/2019
Capital One 09/11/2019
Calibre CPA Group  09/09/2019
CafePress Inc. 09/05/2019
Andy Frain Services 09/03/2019
Foxit Software 09/03/2019
Carl’s Golfland, Inc. 08/30/2019
Creation Entertainment, Inc. 08/26/2019
Eye Safety Systems, Inc. (ESS) 08/22/2019
Alight Solutions LLC 08/20/2019 Inc. 08/20/2019
Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union 08/19/2019
Hospice of San Joaquin 08/19/2019
Marks & Associates 08/14/2019
Capital One 08/12/2019
StockX LLC 08/09/2019
Vitagene, Inc.  08/06/2019
TBI Mortgage Company 08/05/2019
Jofit, LLC  08/05/2019
Amarin Pharma, Inc. 08/05/2019
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 08/02/2019
National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum 08/02/2019
Sark Technologies LLC 08/02/2019
State Farm Mutual Insurance Company 08/01/2019
SaveDay, Inc. 07/31/2019
Trusted Tours & Attractions, LLC 07/29/2019
California Department of Food and Agriculture 07/29/2019
Western Pathology 07/24/2019
Laboratory Medicine Consultants, Ltd. 07/24/2019
Zions Bancorporation, N.A. 07/23/2019
Sterling & Sterling, LLC d/b/a SterlingRisk 07/23/2019
Slack Technologies, Inc. 07/17/2019
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. 07/17/2019
Clinical Pathology Laboratories, Inc. 07/15/2019
Sunrise Medical Laboratories, Inc. 07/15/2019
CBLPath, Inc. 07/15/2019
Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings 07/15/2019
Northwood, Inc. 07/15/2019
Zero Technologies, LLC 07/15/2019
Miller Kaplan Arase LLP 07/10/2019
Nemadji Research Corporation d/b/a California Reimbursement Enterprises 07/08/2019
Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. 07/08/2019
Sprint 07/03/2019
SkinSolutions.MD LLC 07/03/2019
FlexCare, LLC d/b/a FlexCare Medical Staffing 07/03/2019
Backcountry Edge, Inc. 07/02/2019
Micro-Mom Scooters LLC d/b/a Micro Kickboard 06/27/2019
IM Shopping, Inc. 06/26/2019
Loungefly, LLC 06/26/2019
The Union Labor Life Insurance Company 06/26/2019
City College of San Francisco 06/25/2019
Yogurtland Franchising, Inc. 06/24/2019
Dominion Dental Services, Inc., Dominion National Insurance Company, and Dominion Dental Services USA, Inc. (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Dominion National”). 06/21/2019
Oklahoma Department of Securities 06/20/2019
Placer Union High School District 06/19/2019
EatStreet, Inc. 06/14/2019
UC San Diego Health 06/14/2019
American Medical Response, Inc. 06/11/2019
Princess Polly Group Pty Ltd 06/07/2019
Avalara, Inc. 06/07/2019
California Natural Products 06/07/2019
Timepieces International Inc. 06/07/2019
Darwin’s Natural Pet Products 06/07/2019
Gardner Family Health Network 06/06/2019
Evite, Inc.  06/06/2019
Acrisure LLC, d/b/a Filice Insurance Agency 06/06/2019
Historical Emporium, inc 06/04/2019
Delta Health Systems 06/04/2019
Hannibal Industries, Inc. 05/31/2019
Jackson National Life Insurance Company 05/31/2019
AltaMed Health Services Corporation 05/30/2019
Capistrano Unified School District 05/30/2019
Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. (“Checkers”) 05/29/2019
Mediant Communications Inc. 05/28/2019
Dawn Food Products, Inc. 05/24/2019
National Wildlife Federation 05/24/2019
Redtail Technology, Inc. 05/23/2019
The Georgia Institute of Technology 05/22/2019
Moda Operandi Inc. 05/22/2019
Hematology Oncology Associates, PC 05/21/2019
T3 Micro Inc.  05/20/2019, Inc. d/b/a Artsy 05/17/2019
AltaMed Health Services Corporation 05/15/2019
Health Net of California and Health Net Life Insurance Company 05/13/2019
Oklahoma Department of Securities 05/10/2019
Sprint Corporation (“Boost Mobile”) 05/09/2019
St. Vincent Medical Center 05/08/2019
Collie Accountancy 05/07/2019
New Bit Ventures Ltd. 05/07/2019
American Indian Health & Services, Inc.  05/06/2019
EmCare, Inc., Sheridan Healthcorp, Inc. and their affiliates 05/04/2019
San Francisco Unified School District 05/01/2019
Immediata Health Group Corp. 04/30/2019
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Loungefly, LLC 04/26/2019
Lancaster Archery Supply, Inc. 04/26/2019
Abel HR 04/26/2019
Hot Line Construction, Inc.  04/24/2019
Vitalize, LLC 04/19/2019
Mikhail Education Corporation 04/19/2019
International Agri-Center 04/19/2019
Gary W. Peer, M.D. 04/18/2019
Dr. T.Y. Steven Ip M.D. F.A.C.S. 04/18/2019
flexPATH Strategies, LLC 04/17/2019
Centrelake Medical Group, Inc. 04/16/2019
L.D. Evans, CPA 04/16/2019
The Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company 04/12/2019
California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (submitted c/o Pearson VUE) 04/12/2019
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Canyon Bakehouse LLC 04/09/2019
Urban One, Inc. 04/05/2019
Pie Five Pizza 04/05/2019
Bank of the West 04/05/2019
Citrus Valley Health Partners 04/05/2019
AeroGrow International 04/04/2019
ZOLL Services LLC 04/04/2019
RSC Insurance Brokerage, Inc. 04/03/2019
Altura Credit Union 04/03/2019
Key West Hotels, LLC 04/02/2019
International Rehabilitative Sciences, Inc. dba RS Medical 04/02/2019
Earl Enterprises 03/29/2019
Wolverine Solutions Group 03/25/2019
Verity Medical Foundation 03/22/2019
Brighton Collectibles, LLC 03/22/2019
Bridger Insurance Services 03/22/2019
Local Initiative Health Authority of Los Angeles County, doing business as L.A. Care Health Plan 03/18/2019
Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union No. 104 03/18/2019
flexPATH Strategies, LLC 03/15/2019
Cherrydale Fundraising  03/15/2019
CorVel Enterprise Comp Inc. 03/15/2019
Advocate Sherman Hospital (“Sherman”) 03/13/2019
ABM Industries Incorporated 03/12/2019
International Vapor Group 03/12/2019
OnCourse Learning Corporation (“OCL”), a predecessor-in-interest to Relias LLC (“Relias”) 03/08/2019
Carmel Unified School District 03/08/2019
Jewish Family & Children’s Services (“JFCS”) 03/07/2019
RSC Insurance Brokerage, Inc. 03/06/2019
Covenant Care California, LLC, on behalf of relevant affiliated nursing facilities  03/06/2019
American Cancer Society, Inc. 03/01/2019
Bamboo HR LLC 02/28/2019
ShareThis, Inc. 02/28/2019
Phillip Capital Inc. 02/28/2019
San Antonio Winery, Inc. 02/26/2019
Evergreen Alliance Golf Limited, L.P. 02/25/2019
UConn Health 02/22/2019
ArmorGames, Inc 02/22/2019
Welk Resort Group, Inc. 02/22/2019
Del Taco LLC 02/21/2019
Rennline Automotive 02/21/2019
The Topps Conpany, Inc. 02/21/2019
Martin, Hutchison and Hohman, CPAs 02/21/2019
University of Washington Medical Center (“UWM”) 02/20/2019
Centinela Valley Union High School District 02/19/2019
CJ Products Inc. 02/19/2019
Hourglass 02/15/2019
Print EZ, Inc. 02/15/2019
California Physicians’ Service d/b/a Blue Shield of California 02/15/2019
Volt Information Sciences, Inc.  02/15/2019
AltaMed Health Services Corporation 02/15/2019
North Country Business Products, Inc. 02/15/2019
North 40 Outfitters 02/14/2019
Five Below, Inc. 02/14/2019
Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust A, C, and D  02/12/2019
David B. Cheatham, CPA 02/11/2019
Don Best Corporation, a subsidiary of Scientific Games Corporation 02/06/2019
Bayside Covenant Church, Inc. 02/05/2019
Abbott Laboratories 02/05/2019
Applied Data Finance, LLC d/b/a Personify Financial 02/01/2019
Sierra View Medical Center 02/01/2019
Allen Chern LLP 01/28/2019
Verity Medical Foundation 01/28/2019
Verity Health System 01/25/2019
Discover Financial Services 01/25/2019
Department of Rehabilitation 01/25/2019
Zurich American Insurance Company 01/21/2019
Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy Inc. 01/18/2019
Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. 01/17/2019
Graeter’s Ice Cream Company 01/15/2019
A&A Global Imports, Inc. 01/14/2019
Jensen Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Jensen Precast 01/11/2019
International E-Z UP, Inc. 01/11/2019
Centerstone Insurance and Financial Services d/b/a BenefitMall 01/03/2019
Humana Inc 01/03/2019
OXO International, Ltd. 01/03/2019
Aimbridge Hospitality Holdings, LLC 01/02/2019
Hammer Nutrition 01/02/2019


I have decades of federal consumer rights litigation experience since 1996.  There is no tougher place in the world to litigate than in United States Federal District Court.  You'll be glad that your lawyer has both the knowledge of the Court, and the success to back it up.



I've professionally trained thousands of lawyers all over the country on how to sue debt collectors.  I gather all of the best ideas from my legal seminars and bring them back to my law practice.  Because I've taught thousands of lawyers in all 50 States, my reputation is second-to-none.



I run an all digital, paperless, law office.  I can instantly access any document that has ever been created in your legal file from a secure cloud.  Quickly and efficiently.  Paper is scanned, optically-character-recognized and fully word-searchable.  That makes me effective for you and tough for our opponents.



As a consumer lawyer, I pride myself in answering my own phone and email.  If I'm available to talk, we will talk.  Email is always a great way for you to reach me and I make every effort to get back to you in 24 hours or less.  I don't avoid clients.  I serve them.


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