Home Defect Dispute? We Can Help.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We represent buyers and sellers of residential real estate in disputes over undisclosed defects in newly purchased homes.  Typically, our clients are facing these kinds of issues:

  • Bought a home with undisclosed water problems or mold issues
  • Bought a home with defective appliances, furnaces, or water heaters
  • Sold a home to a buyer who is now claiming there is defective plumbing or heating
  • Sold a home to a buyer who is now claiming there are problems with roofing or concrete
  • Buyer has filed a Demand for Arbitration under the purchase agreement for the home
  • Buyer has served a lawsuit claiming that a seller failed to make proper disclosures

No matter which side of the fence you’re on, you need strong, competent legal help.  If you’re a buyer, you may be entitled to compensation if a seller failed to disclosure material conditions that affect your enjoyment of your new home. If you’re a seller, a buyer can make a claim in court or arbitration against you if they believe you failed to disclose an important fact about your home before you sold it.  Minnesota real estate law on home defects is complex and potentially very adversarial.  These claims can quickly spiral into thousands of dollars for both parties.

No matter which side of the transaction you’re on–buyer or seller–we can help you navigate these treacherous legal waters.  Call us today to speak with an attorney about matter.

How do you get paid your fees?

We work on an hourly basis for residential real estate disputes, whether in suit or in arbitration.  We want to make things right for you and with more than 25 years of combined litigation experience, you can be assured we’ll do our very best legal work for you.

How long will my case take?

Every case is different.  Some settle quickly, some last for a longer.  Generally speaking, one year from filing-to-finish is a good estimate for how long a court case takes.  If the case is filed in arbitration, a 4-6 months is a good estimate.

What can I do to make my case successful?

Immediately document every communication you have with any real estate agent who was involved in the transaction, the other party who bought your home or sold you the home, and any insurance person involved if there has been damage to the property, whether by letter, by phone or by message. Make detailed notes of any conversations you have with anyone during conversations. Don’t throw away or write on any papers involved in the sale or purchase of the home.  Keep all papers including your originals, in a safe, dry place.  Don’t make any admissions about wrongdoing to the other party.  The less said the better until our office has a chance to evaluate your legal position.

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Home sellers cannot lie to you, mislead you, or make false statements to you about the material conditions of a home.  They must be truthful.


Home sellers must make written disclosures to prospective buyers about any material defects which would affect the enjoyment of the property.


Arbitration is a less formal way of resolving disputes between home buyers and sellers.  Oftentimes, buyers and sellers voluntarily agree to arbitrate disputes at the time a home is sold.  Arbitration rules are different than regular court rules and there are no juries.  The arbitration typically take place in the buyer’s home.


We have more than 25 years of combined federal consumer rights litigation experience.  There is no tougher place in the world to litigate than in United States Federal District Court.  You'll be glad that your lawyers have both the knowledge of the Court, and the success to back it up.


We've trained lawyers all over the country on how to sue debt collectors and robo callers.  We gather all of the best ideas from our legal seminars and bring them back to our law practice.  Because we've taught thousands of lawyers in all 50 States, our reputation is second-to-none.


We run an all digital, paperless, law office.  We can instantly access any document that has ever been created in your legal file from the secure cloud.  Quickly and efficiently.  Paper is scanned, optically-character-recognized and fully word searchable.  That makes us effective for you and tough for our opponents.



As consumer lawyers, we pride ourselves in answering our own phone calls and emails.  If we're available to talk, we will talk.  Email is always a great way for you to reach us and we make every effort to get back to you in 24 hours or less.  We don't avoid clients.  We serve them.